Training Program

Training Program

We conduct TNA (Training Need Assessment) for all categories of Karigars like Technicians, Welders, Electricians, Fitters etc and conduct number of training programs on regular basis to improve their Business knowledge, Entrepreneurial skills and attitude to become a successful Contractor. Through our effective Training Programs we transform a Karigar to a successful Contractor.

Training courses we conduct on regular basis for Karigars are:

1. Business Communication 
2. Essential Skills & Attitudes of the First time Contractor
3. Excelling at Customer Service – Manage Your MOST Valuable Asset
4. Selling Services – The Art of Selling Intangibles
5. Building Customer Relationships : A Non-Negotiable Need for a Contractor today
6. Negotiation Skills – Get the Best Deal.

For attending our Training Programs, please write to us:

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