Our Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our professional Consultants are here to provide expert advice in different areas of Contracts, Commercial, Taxation and Supply Chain Management. We advise in various forms of specific knowledge or skills for addressing specific goals, tackling problems in the following areas of our expertise:

1. Company Registration:

Company registration means legally getting the right to do business. In our country there are huge business which are running in un-organised sector. This sector has a tremendous set of hidden talent as many of them has ambition to become legal business owner. Due to lack of knowledge on legal prerequisites they are not able to do so. Our experts in this area shall provide guidance to Karigars to register their own business.

2. Estimation & Submission of Quotation:

We have come across numerous small contractors who find it difficult to estimate most competitive price of a job. One may submit quotation with high price and may not get the work order/contract or may offer very less price showing eagerness to work and may incur huge loss during execution of the work. To support such contractors/ business owners, our expert consultants shall guide them to estimate a competitive price.

3. Preparation & submission of complete Bid/Quotation:

There are number of small Contractors who are unable to prepare effective Bid & are unsuccessful in getting a Contract/Work Order. They also face a number of contractual problems during execution of a Contract/Work order, in case they qualify against an incomplete/unclear Bid. Our consultants are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in contracting and shall guide them to devise an effective Bid Documents/Quotation with detailed terms & conditions to avoid any post contract complication.

4. Contractor/Supplier Database:

Many business/projects do not have access to quality and cost effective contractors/suppliers in time for their projects. Since our professionals are having extensive experience in contracting/ purchasing, we have a vast network/ database of indigenous, cost effective and quality suppliers & contractors.

5. Drafting of a foolproof Contract:

Every phase of a contracting cycle presents its own set of challenges. Contract drafting can be particularly brutal with lawyers for each side going round and round over virtually every detail. We have come across this problem in real industry situation and shall provide support in drafting Contracts for our clients.

6. Review & acceptance of a Contract:

In the law of contracts, acceptance is one person's compliance with the terms of contract made by another. When the contract is accepted, it becomes irrevocable. A quotation does not create any legal obligations, but after the contract is accepted it becomes a promise and a promise is irrevocable because it creates legal obligations between parties. An acceptance of an offer is considered valid and effective if it is unconditional and explicitly communicated to the client. Our expertise is to thoroughly study a contract, learn about all the conditions minutely and with attention to the hidden significance in order to help and save from future consequences due the ambiguity in the contracts. 

7. Review of Banking Documents:

Our Consultants are having more than 25 year experience in dealing with vital documents relating to banking and payments like Letter of Credit (LC), Bank Guarantee (BG) etc. We provide consultancy service of preparation and review of such documents keeping in mind to avoid all post contract complications.

8. Statutory Compliances during execution of a small & tiny Contract:

Our expert Team will provide necessary guidance for statutory compliance of provisions of PF, ESIC, Minimum Wages, Workmen Compensation Policy, GST and all other relevant Rules and Regulations.

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