About Us

About Us

We are a Team of Professionals with average experience of 25 years in Contracts & Commercial Management in Leading Construction and Infrastructure Organisations in India & abroad. In course of the long journey, we came across many small Contractors with good number of Karigars, technical skills, zeal to grow their business, but to fulfil dreams, they require skills like communication & negotiation, business intelligence, taxation etc for estimation of a work correctly, submit quotation and to become successful in tendering process.

In line with great importance of Skill Development, we have a desire to reskill those small contractors and their Karigars (Fitters, Welders, Technicians, Electricians, Riggers, Carpenters etc) for entrepreneurship skill development at no cost. We provide them professional advices in terms and conditions of a contract, Tender participation & Bidding, Commercial strategy, Taxation, Supply Chain Management etc. 

Our Vision

To develop knowledge, skills & attitude of those small Contractors & their Karigars for running a business successfully in Construction & Infrastructure industry. As no training is successful untill the knowledge gained is applied in practice, we provide continuous support to them in getting small contracts from industry and become successful Entrepreneur.

Our Service to Industry & Projects

Indiak2c.com is a B2B platform with a database of more than 1000 skilled small contractors, as our associates, spread all over India and each contractor is having 50 to 75 highly skilled Karigars specialised in General civil construction, Mechanical fabrication & erection, Piping, Welding including IBR Welders, Insulation works, Electrical construction & commissioning, Control & Instrumentation, Plant Operation & Maintenance including overhauling, house keeping etc.

For the requirement of small contractors, Industry and Construction Projects approach us through our website www.indiak2c.com. From our database, we provide the industry with list of eligible contractors from nearby areas, arrange site visit and meeting of the Contractors with industry officials. This facility to Industries and construction projects is free of cost, to create jobs for small contractors & karigars.

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