How to submit your Quotation for a job or work

How to submit your Quotation for a job/work/supply

A company procures supplies/services for its multiple functions for day to day works. To get the desired supplies/ services, the company needs to have vendors on board. A simple and effective exercise to get such supplies/services is to get quotes from multiple vendors.

To submit Quotation for a job/work/supply by a vendor/contractor to its client, following information are to be submitted along with the Quotation:

Introduction/detail of the Company i.e. the Contractor/Vendor: 
I. Full legal name of the Contractor/ Vendor’s company
II. Registered office address
III. Contact details (Phone no, email id)
IV. Statutory Registration Details (CIN, GST Registration No, PAN)

RFQ (Request for quotations) documentation:

I. Quote/Proposal
II. RFQs sometimes require responses to be in a specific format, without any extra information. If this is the case, one should stick to the prescribed template. So, please provide any required information by the client, in the relevant format. Here you should include contents such as techno-commercial and price break up details.
III. Techno Commercial details:

Proposal specifying date, name of the company, RFQ details of the client (no, date etc.), Quotation validity and contents of the bid with reference number of the quote. Details/documents being submitted are as following:

I. Copy of the bid specifications including clarifications if any
II. Work Completion Period and Details of Inputs required from the Owner/Client
III. Schedule of Deviations if any
IV. Technical inputs and drawings required of any

Price quotation:

This section includes price break-up of the quotation in accordance with the quantity required by the client along with the taxes, duties, cess as applicable. The break up generally includes unit price adjusted with the number of units required and the applicable taxes. The final price is the total of such units and taxes.

Bid security: 

In case of risky contracts, clients demand bid security in the form of cash deposits or bank guarantees (to be furnished by the Banks on behalf of the bidder) as per the prescribed formats the validity of which is linked to the date of validity of bids. This ensures that there are no non-serious or fraudulent parties entering the bidding the process.

Commercial/ Technical deviations: 

Any Commercial/Technical deviations and price effect of such deviations should also be listed (if asked).

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