Documents Required for Registration as a Contractor in a Company or Project

Documents Required for Registration as a Contractor in a Company/Project

It’s a practice in every Company/Project to register new Vendors/Contractors/Service Providers and the Companies accept Application for this purpose in their standard Format from new Vendors/Contractors/Service Providers throughout the year. The purpose of this Vendor Registration process is to identify and induct new quality, cost effective and reliable Suppliers/Service Providers in the company. Thus prospective Vendors/Contractors/Service Providers can apply for registration to enable them execute the supplies/ services.

Most of the companies maintain a list of registered Suppliers/Service Providers for different materials and services being sourced and performance of the enlisted vendors/service providers are also monitored on regular basis by the companies. Registered Vendors/Contractors/Service Providers are eligible for participation in Limited Tendering & Single Tendering for the supplies/services for which a vendor was registered in the company.

In view of above, interested Vendors/Contractors/Service Providers submit “Application for Vendor Registration” as per standard format of the Project/Company along with copy of different documents for registration as supplier/service provider in a Project/Company. This Application for Vendor Registration along with copy of different documents is required to be submitted to the Head/In Charge of Purchase/Contracts Department of the Project/Company by hand/email/registered post.

Usually there is no fee/charge applicable in Vendor registration in a Project/Company. Also mere registering as a Vendor/Contractor/Service Provider does not entitle the Registered Vendor towards any claim for award of Work/Purchase Order.

Vendors are required to submit all necessary documents/information in support of their qualification for registration as per Vendor Registration Form/Application.

Only correct/relevant information/data are to be furnished at appropriate place of the Vendor Registration Form/Application along with relevant self attested copy of supporting documents like:

1. Copy of PAN Card
2. Copy of GST Registration Certificate,
3. Copy of WC/ESIC Registration (if applicable),
4. EPF Registration (if applicable),
5. SSI/MSME registration (If applicable),
6. Cancelled cheque,
7. Copy of Company registration certificate

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